“It’s a surprising, clever and funny Method.
I started two weeks ago and it came exactly on time.
With the difficult reality that surrounds us, this is an island that helps me keep sanity.
The teachers are charming.
Somehow it works really good on Zoom. And it has even an advantage that it is accessible in the middle of a working day, in your private space. Highly recommend it!”


“I love this training, and find it especially helpful during this challenging time: exploring and regaining the sense of freedom within limitations and to move from physical and emotional pain to grace and ease – together all over the world!
BIG THANK YOU to all the committed and empowering trainers!! I have been spreading the word to friends and clients and hope to see the success story continue!!”


“Why I like sMove! so much:
I change my habits
• I reduce overthinking
• I start to breath more deeply
I feel more energised
• I have more self-confidence
• I give my body attention
• I start to enjoy the here and now
I am more creative
• I start to accept who I am, and how precious I am.”


“Thank you to all the trainers for this work. I tried a lot of physical work in my life but since I have gotten into the Grinberg Method and sMove! it has made such an impact on my life. The training helps me in different ways, sometimes just to get into another mood, to energize my body or to help my body let go of what it wants to let go of: emotions, pain,… The body knows the way, after every training it is different and at the very least I get more energy. It is so easy to use it, sometimes I do it outside, I just need my smartphone and zoom and I am in the training.”


“I highly recommend it!
Because it works on many levels, from physical to emotional, because it is fun, because it is complete and trains the whole body


“I am so glad I got to know sMove!
In my last online-Grinberg session I had this aha-effect, that I have been making myself very small and restricting my movements. Now I feel I have become bigger, my movements are wider and I want to really enjoy life.”